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Safety & Lifting Device Certification

Validating Safety
And Lifting Devices

SJW Engineering LLC is licensed in multiple states with the ability to conduct work in all states. Our staff has a 'Qualified Fall Protection Engineer' on duty. We can help certify your safety devices with hand calculations or utilizing leading FEA software.

Our Safety Device Certification Work Includes:

  • Fall arrest post
  • Fall arrest hooks
  • Lifting devices
  • Trolly / Trollies
  • Cranes

We bring the culmination of our technology and experience to help analyze your lifting and safety devices. Proper knowledge of modeling techniques and material science are critical to creating high-quality FEA that can predict stress and deflection.

Case Study:

In this case, we utilized our Abaqus software to create an appropriate idealization of the lifting device. Proper idealization must be conducted to ensure correct results. Material properties were then applied to the model as specified by the customer.

We obtain material properties either from testing or an online database. We seek out the correct nonlinear properties for the article under consideration. We then applied loads and solved the device.