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Comprehensive Dredging Services

Heavy Gear Construction Company is a global dredging service provider. We are one of the largest provider of marine dredging, and a company with substantial overseas operations.

As an experienced environmental dredging company, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure surroundings and wildlife remain unharmed during the dredging process.

Metro Tech Engineering
Is Right For You!

Metro Tech Engineering is committed to continually improving its' expertise and delivering quality dredging and consulting services. During this time, we've engaged in numerous projects with varying scopes and budget levels.
Lake Dredging
Metro Tech Engineering can revive your water features and reinvigorate business with deeper and clearer water.
Environmental Dredging
Metro Tech Engineering can meet the standards for your environmentally sensitive dredging project.
Marsh Restoration
Hydraulic dredging is the perfect tool to pump sediment to the ideal grade for planting of wetland habitat.
We Are

An Industry Leader of

Quality-Built Dredges

Our reputation for quality, integrity and accountability is highly regarded within our organization and throughout our diverse client base of private owners and government agencies.
Enviromental Construction
We appreciate our natural resources and work with customers to restore the natural beauty and function to coastal areas.