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Arial Mapping And 3d Scanning

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SJW Engineering brings the latest technology to the table offering drone mapping and 3-D scanning.

We use our 3-D technology to obtain information for:

Site Plans

Drones and 3-D scans are a quintessential part of obtaining accurate elevation data to ensure proper drainage patterns. The data gathered may also be utilized to help locate new structures with respect to existing structures.

Retaining Walls

Accurate topographies and drainage patterns are necessary for the development of retaining walls. Drone mapping helps us create accurate mathematical and 3-D models of retaining walls. We can use these models for an accurate estimate of the required materials.

Site Evaluation

We use our drones for site evaluations. See our case study below where we were able to utilize drone mapping to evaluate roof conditions and quantify areas which needed replacement. We also created a Revit model of the building based on internal and external scans.

We can also utilize the drones to access hard-to-reach locations such as canopies. Have a look at our case study below where we used a drone to evaluate a gas station canopy from the ground.

Case Study:

We utilized our advanced capabilities on this project, obtaining drone footage of the exterior of the building and obtaining 3-D scans of the interior. We utilized the data to create a Revit model of the building, accurately depicting the barrel shape of the large room.

We also utilized this footage to verify sizes of structural members and determine accurately how much roofing was damaged and in need of repair.