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Residential Engineering Services

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Residential Engineering Solutions

SJW Engineering has many years of experience in multi-scale residential engineering solutions. We have served as EOR on projects ranging from 1500 square feet to 16000 square feet.

We can help with all aspects of residential structural engineering from the foundation to the roof.

We can even help with composite structural design where multiple construction methods are combined. We can provide structural overlays or markups depending on your requirements.

Many of the homes we work on are lake or oceanfront. These homes require some special engineering considerations. This particular home featured a clear-spanning party deck over a boat garage.


Industries Experience
The party deck was 54 feet wide with an outlook and various other structural features which had to be accounted. This house in all was approximately 16000 square feet.

It was a combination of steel and wood construction. We provided structural design and administration.

Some homes are installed on a beautiful vista, however the ground conditions are less than prime. This is a home for which we provided structural engineering design. We provided a deep foundation design based on the soils report.

We also provided upper structure design and layout for a unique bonus room situated above the garage.